Guest house& Share house

Guest house& Share house

I will support you during your stay in chiba-japan.and also live chiba-city.

You will always be welcomed,and I hope you can enjoy staying with us!

【Guest house】daily~ monthly

If you want to stay at our guest house,you can make a reservation by Air bnb website and

I will pick you up at station and bring some restaurant like “kaiten(round)-sushi”or”sukiyaki”or “tenpura”and more!Or the oher choice (what I recomend)is “sashimi-dinner”at home.

And I can also support you making a plan.(I like travel,I have traveled many place! May be in your country?! )

What you want to go,what you want to do,what you want to eat,and more in chiba ,in Japan!
Please write to me from top page(e-mail),what plan you made,and write more infomation about yourself.Like “How many people with you,how many days in chiba,japan and etc… And what do you want to know?

【Share house】(Monthly use at least 3months)

And if you want to live in our share house,your position is same as a Japanese citizen.

I really expect you to join our share house,and I want you to know more about Japanese life, and Japanese people.And I wish you like it!

And also I want to know about you,your country ,and more.

I will support developing your Japanese language skill.And please teach me your language,culture,and fun!

There are free vegetable garden if you want to use it.There are camp sites and bamboo forest.
Not only living here ,we can live with sharing our times,thoughts,knowledges,and experiences!

Doesn’t matter even if short 1month stay,until you earn some money ,until going to the next city/country ,or a place for nomad life…

You can come and view our rooms ,or online viewing by line available.

Take a look at Gallery on the front page. Feel my house,and catch my mind!

Hope to see you soon!