Tokyo tour … and more!(Guests only)

Tokyo tour … and more!(Guests only)

I hope you have a great time exploring Tokyo and Chiba!

Of course, you can go by yourself. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll understand and want to visit more places sooner. Choosing the right way (drive, subway, or walk) requires time and patience. I am aware that making mistakes can be a source of pleasure. At the same time, you desire to explore different places and towns. 

So, I recommend some tours.

Tokyo sightseeing Tour

  1. Early bird, (Breakfast at Toyosu or lunch at Ginza) only for weekday
    Toyosu fish market ~ Hibiya ~ Ginza ~ Daiba
    4:00 ~ 14:30 (In Tokyo 5:00 ~ 13:00)  
  2. Enjoy afternoon, BBQ lunch at Ueno only for weekend and holiday
    Shibuya ~ Ueno ~ Akihabara ~ Asakusa
     8:30 ~ 18:30  ( In Tokyo 10:00 ~ 16:30)
  3. Night tour (Dinner at Shinjuku Omoide-yokocho)
    Harajuku ~ Shinjuku ~ Roppongi 
    15:00 ~ 1:00 ( In Tokyo 16:30~ 22:30)

near by Toyosu fish market


  • ¥5,000 (2 per) 
  • ¥4,500 (3~4per) 
  • ¥8,500(1per) include traffic fee (food is own charge)

  • Option:+2h more with +¥1,500 /Each per (Invite others!)


  • You can go there and back together to Tokyo and go wherever you want along the way!
  • You can use 1day pass for Tokyo metro subway, included in price.

Sorry, I’m just going along with you. I can’t explain the history or anything!

1. Ohara ~ Katsuura ~ Ichinomiya  (Breakfast at Ohara fish market)
7:30 ~ 17:30

2. Tateyama( Mt.Tomisan hike) (Lunch at top of mountain)

Ohara fish market


  1. ¥4,500(2 per) 
  2. ¥4,000 (3~4per)
  3. ¥7,500(1 per) include traffic fee (food is own charge)

Option:+2h more with +¥1,500 /Each per (Invite others!)

real hot spring with local people

To see and join Traditional Festival! Go to a real Onsen hot spring! & A long drive to the countryside!

Anywhere you want with ¥3000 /h +highway +parking /(per share)
→Ex: 10h for 4 persons = ¥30,000 = ¥7,500each

Hitachinaka-national park (2h)

Please check how to check in my house!